Schlagintweit, Hermann von; Schlagintweit, Adolf; Schlagintweit, Robert von
Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company (Atlas): Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England — Leipzig, 1861-1866

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Origina! Aijuarcll l»y 1 lcrmami de vSehlagmlweil,.111110,1055.

liKII’/KJ: KA. HroekhaiiK, IjONDON: Triibncf & Co. The Copyright is rcscrvcd.

I’rintcd in Oil-colours hy iSl(irch& Kramcr, Hcrlin.


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liat. Norlli: 27°59'17."

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Ijong. Hasl of (irmi: H6°54'40"








lleiglil: 29,000 Kngl. feel

This is the hig’hesl. mounlain of our globe as ycl. measured. The drawing is Laken frorri a rnountain sonlh-east of halut, al a height of 11,035 Kngl. feel. As a mighly maSvSil', il forms thc prominent group of this viow, thoug'h surrounded by snow

pcaks of a height exceeding £0,000 Kngl. feet. Frorn ils jiroxiinity to the tropics it starids out,as represenled here at midday in summer, a most conspicuous ohject in the full rays of a uearly vcrtical suu, herein exhibiting a highly charaderistic fealure, and pre-

scnling,al llic samctimc, a mosl marked diffcrence from thc appearance of l.hc Alpinc peaks iu higher latiludes. A very exterisive glacier, ol’ which the uppcr cirque de ncve is secn on thc left, descends to the south-wesl. The namc given to (iaurisan-

kar by Ihe Tibelans, aud bv which il is generally known lo the natives in the northerninost parts of Mepafis I'hingopamari.
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