Schlagintweit, Hermann von; Schlagintweit, Adolf; Schlagintweit, Robert von
Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company (Atlas): Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England — Leipzig, 1861-1866

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Atlas Ao.

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Aqnarell l>y Herraann de ScUagintweit-Sakimlimsld, Febr. 1850. Qi'-A1*-0 161.


LEEPZIG: F. A.Brockhaus. LONDON: Trubner ^ Co. The Copyright is reserved.

Lithographed by Sabatier, printed in Oil-colonrs by Lemercier, Paris.

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Lat Korth: 2G° 6'5

Lon£. East of Green: 91° 36'3

Heiaht (of river above soa level): 65 TJngl. feet.

Ihe centre is occupied by a granite rock, to vhich has heen given by the Hindns of Assani fhe nanie of the liero Tlakus,in allusion to its power of breaking the inighty cnrrent. Large sandhaiiks are deposited above tlie rock, and although ehanging with every high-
water season.Uiev are covered with cane jtmgles, the shelter of animals of varions kinds occasionaHy of herds of wild Assamese buffaloes (Bos Arni). The general height of tlie water in the rains is marked on fhe rock by the tres, vhich form a well-defined Ihie
immediately above it. Below the betel-palms on tlie promontory to the right, belonging to the village of Suvalkushi, another mighty hend follows, abonrufing witli chars, or sandbanks, which divide the river into nnmerous branches of as many different forms. The ontlines
of the sand in the foreground to the right indicate snfficiently the action of tlie river-such deposits of wliirlpool-like Torm,now above the level of tlie stream, and even often some distance from its present hanks, are met with in Assam, scattered all over the valley.
The llills to the right are the Afolung Hills,- tliose to the left are granite rocks above Dhdrapur.

Aquarell by Hermaim de Schlagintweit-Sakiinliinski, Sept. 1855. Or.N^lGS,

LEIPZIG: F. A. BrocLhaus. L0ND0N: Triihner y Co. The Copyr ight is reserved.

jjviwi ■hii —uiwmniuiiu iwnn nir.

Litliograplied hy Sabatier, printed in Oil-colours by Lemercier, Paris.


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iiifili vater

Lat. Nortb: 24° O'

Long.East of Green: 87° 50'

HeigLt ( of the hanlc ahove sea level )-. 50 Engl. feet.

The Jhils are lakes and swainps varyirig greatly in si/.e, situated in the upper part ot the Delta of Bengal. ln tlie height of the rains the country becomes here so A’astly overflooded that even large boats may sail
riglit across the country between temporary islands,- in the dry sea son a f ew lakes remain. Tlie view is taken ahout half - way between Rampur Boleahr on the Ganges, and Dhaka on the Siirma, looking up tke current to
fhe nortlnvest. The village of Sellovas in tbe foregroond, Avith its wretched native huts, and a rounded cane temple of rather nnnsual form, is in a position of equal temporary insulation vvith those we see furfher on. The vegetairon
is luxnriant whereArer the soil is not too muddy; the field is covered with jnte 10 feet high (the fibrous Corclwrus olUorius); close by mighty bamhoo steins 02 feet high are seen, terminating in most tender wavy branches. As a
pecnliar tropical modification, the uniformity in the tint of the water, and its glare, may he remarked: it is tlie effeet of the almost vertical position of the sun, whilst in the morning and evening the shades are of a much greater
variety, in accordance with the differences of depth and current.
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