Schlagintweit, Hermann von; Schlagintweit, Adolf; Schlagintweit, Robert von
Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company (Atlas): Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England — Leipzig, 1861-1866

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Atlas No

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Aquarell byHermann de Schlaginlweit, September,1856. Or.No 278.

LKIP^IG:HA.Brockhaus, LONIION Triilmer 8C

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Lifhographed by C.Koch, printed in Oil-colours byWiLoeillot, Berlin.













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Height. 12,324 EnsLfeet.

The building consists of two long, but comparatively narrow parts, the junction ofwhich is formed by the principal entrance to the monastery. The basement contains two floors of low apartments, to these succeed two very lofty
stories of iarge halls, some ofwhich are inhabited by the Lamas, bul the majority are used as sacred apartments and repositories for their numerous and varied articies of worship. The projecting verandahs and balconies, which sei*ve as wind-
ows, are shaded with large hangings of black cloth, ornamented by white bands intersecting each otiier at right angles, and presenting a surprising,ttiough accidental,likeness lo the figure of the cross. ln the inner compound, occupying the fore-
ground, two large trees decorated wilh rings of Yak tails and long praying flags h<rve been erected. Enclosing the compound appear a successiori of covered corridors, contiguous to, tliough not all communicating with, each other,- they contain a nume-
rous arrav of praying cylinders, which are alsoto be seen along the walls of the building itself. The trees, which are fair specimens of poplar and willow, should be particularly noticed, as exhibiting forms only possible by a very careful cultivation.
At thetop o:f the staircase may be seen a group of thehead Lamas, who gave rne a very friendly reception, and from whom I succeeded in obtaining much valuable infornration,and many and various contributions to our ethnographical collection.
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