Schlagintweit, Hermann von; Schlagintweit, Adolf; Schlagintweit, Robert von
Results of a scientific mission to India and High Asia: undertaken between the years MDCCCLIV and MDCCCLVIII, by order of the court of directors of the hon. East India Company (Atlas): Atlas of panoramas and views, with geographical, physical, and geological maps: dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen of England — Leipzig, 1861-1866

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Aquarell by Hernmnn de Schlagintweit, May, 1857.

Iih'IPZIti: KA.Brockhaus, hONDON: HViibner ftCo. The Copyrighl is reserved.

Ijilhographed by Sabatier, prinled in Oil eoloura by Lemercier, Daris.

Srove and' Slriifhalese Iiahit


Galle: Lat.North; 6"2 ’oO,"

Long.East ofOreen:


near wa






ieht. Sea ]jevel

lri Ceylon a low Jatilude, combined with the uniformity of a truly maritime climate, contrihutes to give the veg’etalion of the island an allogelher tropical character. Extensive groves of palms, like those in the loreground,are nume.
rous in almost every part of the island. The isolated palm tree rising out of the barren clayey soil is a chamaerops, that wilh thehigh and narrow crown in the distance, ahetel (areca), anct the one next tothehut^a cocoa palm. The
mosl usual leaf trees in this neighbourhood are the breadfruit (arctocarpus) and nutmeg trees ( myristica). The house in the background is buill of bricks with atile roof, the enlrance leading between grotesque circular ornamenls, and two
parallel lateral wings enciosing Ihe compound, though the more general form of Singhalese houses appears in the cane hut occupying the centre of the view. Under the shade of the trees may be seen a wooden frame work,where, in conformily
wilh Buddhistic benevolent praclice, which is prevalent in Ceylon, as well as in Siarn, water is supplied for the use of the traveller. Wells, however, are here very riumerous, water being found at oniy sixfeet and a half below the surface.
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