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Soane, John; Parkyns, George Isham
Sketches in architecture: containing plans and elevations of cottages, villas, and other useful buildings, with characteristic scenery — London, 1798

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SoME years since, I published a collection of plans, elevations, and
seCtions of buildings already executed, and chiessy on a large scale; which
work having been favourably received, I am thereby induced to offer another
publication on the same subjedt, but on a smaller scale, consssting of cottages for
the laborious and industrious part of the community, and of other buildings
generally calculated for the real uses and comforts of life, and such as are
within the reach of moderate fortunes.

In all buildings for the various purposes of civil life, much depends on local
arrangements. In cottages the rooms are unavoidably small, few in number,
and frequently crowded with inhabitants. Their ground ssoors should be raised,
at least, three or four steps from the soil; they should be placed in the most
open and airy situations, perfectly dry and warm, built with the belt and most
durable materials, and well supplied with good water.
The same precautions apply to the villas ; the designs for which, as well as
the cottages, have been made for particular persons and situations.
As to estimates, however desirable, nothing certain can be advanced until the
situation and local circumstances are known and considered ; it is then, and
then only, that they can be made with that accuracy which every man wishes
for, and ought to be possessed of, before he begins building.

Lincoln's Inn Fields.