Studio: international art — 3.1894

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born before his time, a pioneer of artistic prin-

ALBERT MOORE. BY A. LYS cipleS; which are at present only dimly understood
BALDRY. even Dy tne pe0pie whose duty it is to study and
There is, perhaps, to the really sin- analyse new movements and fresh developments,
cere artist, no kind of popular neglect He was instinctively a prophet of a new dispen-
so irritating as the acceptance which does not sation, and was too seriously convinced of the right-
include true appreciation. The toleration by the ness of his own beliefs to dilute them by mere
crowd of works which it does not understand, and opportunist concession to popular ignorance. In
the affectation of interest it displays in artistic all his work he preached and practised an artistic
symbols, the significance of which it has never gospel which is steadily gathering authority and
taken the trouble to find out, are to the man with collecting believers even now, and which will,
aesthetic convictions far more disheartening than during the next two or three generations, entirely
either simple disregard or active opposition. He destroy those accepted conventions which have
is oppressed by the sense of ineffectual effort, and for so long clogged and hampered the growth of
suffers daily and hourly the disappointment of really intelligent sestheticism. It was this differ-
seeing his intentions misconstrued and his per- ence in his production from what they were
formances misrepresented, until, at last, despite accustomed to in that of his contemporaries that
the knowledge that he has all his life done in his prevented people from giving him more than the
most zealous manner all that he set himself to do, half-hearted appreciation which he had to endure,
he dies feeling that he has after all failed in what It was this warning of things to come that made
was obviously his mission. the official supporters of present-day fallacies so
Something of this disappointment clouded the eager to exclude him from all those positions of
years of Albert Moore's life. He was an artist authority and from all those offices where his

from a crayon drawing by albert moore

(By kind permission or A. Lascnby Liberty, Esq.)
III. No. 13.—April, 1S94. 3
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