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Study of a Lemon Tree

a defect, can be concealed. The roof was covered
with boarding, felt, and tiles, and the whole of the



fig. 10.—ground floor plan

woodwork was painted white. The
contract price of this bungalow was
under ^700.

Figs. 10 and 12 show the plans
of a similar bungalow, Fig. 11 shows
the entrance, and Fig. 6 the garden
fronts, of one also built at North-
wood. This contains one extra sit-
ting and bedroom, and a conserva-
tory, and the contract price was
under ^1000.

The illustrations from photo-
graphs and drawings may be trusted
to supplement the very brief de-
scriptions which alone were possible
here. Although so much reduced,
they show the general effect of these
little country houses.

R. A. Briggs.

Amid all the treasures of early Italy
that have made the New Gallery this winter a
veritable Aladdin's Cave of Art, a designer recalls
with pleasure, as among the works that gave him
keenest delight, certain studies of plants by
Leonardo da Vinci. These faithful transcripts of
common herbs are worked as patiently as if they
were meant to be in themselves masterpieces ; and
yet but for the accident of events, they were
doomed from the first, one may fancy, to be
destroyed either by the artist himself or by the
indiscreet zeal of a person who ranks tidiness and
clearing away of lumber as superlative virtues. Yet

fig. ii.—entrance of bungalow {see fig. 6)

Scat of' i' ■ ■, 11' ■ hi—, I i ■_JfeeT there are studies done as technical exercises that

shame many modern efforts by their sincere dex-
terity ; and appeal to a certain mathematical delight
in precision and veritable statement of fact, that is
not antagonistic to an appreciation of the higher
virtue of suggestion by simple indication alone.
Simplicity is the final refuge of the complex, said a
modern wit who has not, so far, reached the goal he
indicates ; but if it be so (and the apparent para-
dox contains a very vital truth) one must practise
complexity for'prentice labour ere the master touch
is reached that can include in a phrase or a line
the subtle and carefully balanced harmony of a
thousand more or less conflicting parts. One is apt
fig. i2.—first floor plan to-day to grow impatient with those who crave this-

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