Studio: international art — 3.1894

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Home Arts and Industries at the Albert Hall



Ireland, and of Yattenden, the last-named con-
tributing some highly artistic mugs and other
vessels, executed under the direction of Mrs.
Waterhouse. Some repousse work, in which the
The Exhibition of Home Arts and admirable influence of Essex House was apparent,

came from Newton, near Cambridge. It was
gratifying to find less of the puerile but pretty
bent iron, and more of genuine smith's forged
works—e.g., hinges, &c, from Drayton; and
brackets, hanging lamps, &c, by the Brothers
Edwards of East Wretham.

It is not enough to learn the technique of any
given industry. The greater difficulty often is to
know how to employ the skill acquired to some
serviceable purpose, in the manufacture of an
Industries becomes article really required for use, as distinct from a
increasingly attrac- mere something one may make for the sake of
tive year by year as the making, and then wants to dispose of as quickly
work of the Association as possible. Take, for example, embossed leather
extends. It was a plea- work, a beautiful art which, however, lends itself all
sure to welcome a goodly too readily to the manufacture of useless odds and
number of classes newly ends. Therefore it was a pleasure to see, for the
started, or at any rate indispensable Bradshaw, a most appropriately de-
newly affiliated, and now signed leather case, with a ship (it being out of the
for the first time repre- question to make a railway train look decorative
inlaid picture- sented. Such, for in- under the circumstances) in full sail upon the side,
frame stance, is that at Comp- and the legend " Time and tide wait for no man."

by lewis ford tQn Greenfield, near I noticed embossed leather applied to the decora-
Bristol, with its brass and copper repousse indus- tion of a violin case from Porlock Weir, an excel-
try, conducted under the able guidance of the lent idea which deserved to be carried out better
Rector of the parish. Not that the classes of than in fact it was. The same place supplies

settles, inlaid by arthur shaw and john reason designed by mabel de grey

longer standing were behind—e.g., those of Lyz- leather purses, with an initial embossed upon them,

wick Hall and Keswick. Mention should also be useful and at the same time ornamental. I must

made of the repousse work from Fivemiletown, in on no account omit to mention the handsome
loading ...