Studio: international art — 3.1894

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From Gallery, Studio, and Mart

much respected in that capacity. But should not
such a matter be left in the hands of artists ?
If so, one might see less of the iron roses and lilies
and similar monstrosities in metal-work. N. D.

The screen No. 48, which we reproduce, has
many points of interest as a design.

79 Criicriy ■&ri<CLlr\-Gm'Zm-i&/


seems at present the favourite fashion. An ex-
tremely elaborate example has long advertised a
shop in Oxford Street, and now Mr. Allen calls
the attention of the passer-by to Ruskin House in
Charing Cross Road, by means of an arrangement,
a little less complicated, but hardly less effective.

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By the kind permission of the artist, Mr. Nelson
Dawson, we are able to reproduce two tablets in
beaten copper, which need no further description
since the lettering upon them explains their
purpose. _

The ware of the four artist-potters, Messrs.
Martin Brothers, is such that no verbal description

j.ea of its many merits,
t requires to be seen,
mises of the firm in
Mr. Charles Martin an
out the qualities that
notice of the casual
ht the Martin ware is
1 of being dingy and
fact, it is designed to
ion to its surroundings


(No. 91 in the Blacksmiths'

The uniform stupidity of the pretl
streets which are taking the place of I
byways of London is relieved to soml
the signs of the shops. It is difficul j_
the shop-sign should ever have fallen =" \J
as a method of advertisement it has 1 E-^
its value in adding to the pictorial iiE.
street can scarcely be exaggerated. — in v.
extent it fills up the yawning chasm -
parallel lines of houses, and makes a pi -
when seen projecting from a long sti = QQ 1 The aim its manufac-

surface. Beaten iron, with the lege =j- ^ ^ lis to keep their pottery

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