Studio: international art — 16.1899

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when really, with one or two early exceptions, all of The truth about lithography, therefore, is that a

M. Fantin-Latour's lithographs are on paper, and the drawing may be made upon paper, stone, or alumi-

fact is recorded. And what about Mr. Shannon's ? nium, or anything else you want, and so long as it

If critics, who are such purists, cannot tell unaided can be printed from a surface by chemical action

which prints are from paper and which from stone, it it is a lithograph. The only artistic difference will

proves absolutely that there is nothing to choose be- be found in the art or artlessness that appears in

tween them. The practical printer would not even the printed design. Joseph Pennell.
attempt it. Among the " pure lithographers " are

also Messrs. Whistler, Legros, Strang, and Rothen- STUDIO TAI K
stein. Mr. Whistler has made probably half-a-dozen

or a dozen lithographs on stone, a hundred or more <From our own Correspondents)

on paper ; while all the lithographs of Mr. Legros, "w" ONDON.—Although the annual prize

Mr. Strang, and Mr. Rothenstein, as far as I know, distribution to Royal Academy students

were made on paper, although I should not pretend j | cannot be said to have been a function

to decide by looking at them how they were made. j . remarkable for the extraordinary excel-

Look at the prints of these men, and it must dawn lence of the works entered in com-

upon you that each artist, according to his tempera- petition, it was at least interesting on account of
ment, can do very much

so ^'^^ ^ " '**" ^ ^ ^ ^

themselves ridiculous. cartoon for mural decoration by miss towgood
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