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A Nineteenth-Century House

pat.ace gate house : the museum gallery

So there is no affectation ^^^^^^^
here of being "Gothic" .
or " Tudor," though some-

thing dimly Gothic and ■
Tudor may no doubt be \,
traced. It is not even an v
" old-fashioned " house ; it
is a nineteenth-century
house, " replete," as the
phrase goes, with the most
modern of conveniences ;
and yet, from the great
gable that holds itself so
high down to the very J8fe»*
doorstep that meets the
street, it has " distinction "
written everywhere for ^ [

those who know how to

read. • "

It is essentially a nine-
teenth-century house, and
yet it was certainly not

built in the nineteenth- ^
century way. One cannot ^ j 'v ^

of course forecast the ' - Hp

future, but one may per- ^tl^r^ A

haps be allowed to hope it

may be the way of the JmrHr A I

century which is to come. ■dt^Blr ,JKKSr

At any rate it is the way of .jMkjBt ■ ~.j&$Bb&&

years gone by, when, in \ ._ - -----— -—-----------------

the early days of the arts,

craftsmen as a matter of palace gate house ; the entrance hall

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