Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Studio- Talk

came from several of the branch schools, but it
is to be regretted that the metal-work executed
at the Victoria Street Branch School in connec-
tion with the Jewellers and Silversmiths' Associa-
tion does not yet show much artistic feeling.


ANCHESTER.—The Spring Ex-
hibition of the Manchester
Academy opened in February
with the customary private view,
and conversazione in the evening.
The general impression that the exhibition leaves
is one of distinction ; it has a freshness which
has been lacking of recent years; it has again
aroused hopes that Manchester will in the future
awaken to the importance of art, not only pic-
torial, but those allied to the crafts—a hope

which is

design for stained class MBM|HHBM|||M strengthened

by effie ward

and in the course of his clasp in silver repousse
address to the students BY Florence sterne

he congratulated the

school very highly on the progress made. He
was greatly pleased with the character of the
work in still life, in enamel, and in embroidery,
and made special mention of most of the works
here reproduced. Particularly worthy of mention
were two very successful buckles in copper and
enamel, designed and executed by Miss Irene
Payne ; an altar cross in copper and ivory made
for a Birmingham church, and a clasp in silver
repousse by Miss Florence Sterne ; a small box
in wood and steel by Laurin H. Martin ; a design
for stained glass by Miss Effie D. Ward; an
embroidered panel for a screen by Miss Helen
Faulkner, very pleasing in colour; a drawing of
a child by Walter Sherwood; and two designs in
colour for the decoration of a screen, by Bert. A.
Alvey, a member of the class for House Painters
and Decorators. Much good work in flat design embroidered fire-screen by helen faulkner

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