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Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

Complete Perspective. By J. Humphrey Span- guinea) is awarded to \ork (Dr. G. A. Farrer,

ton. (London : Macmillan & Co.)—A mere tran- Brighouse, Leeds).

scription of the title-page of this admirable book The Second Prize (Haifa-guinea) to Dusky (J.

would occupy more space than we can devote to D. Pode, Slade, Ivy Bridge).

its notice. Yet it is a work of the first importance Honourable mention is given to the following :

and exhaustive in its scope. Admirably illustrated, Fleur deLys (R. E. Smith, 7 Gordon Square, W.C.);

clearly written, and brought up to modern require- illustrated; and to Ancestor (J. C. Worburg); Carn-

ments, it is a model text-book. Han (C. C. Wanless); Eepee (Mrs. J. W. Proctor);

Erin (Miss Bartlett); Decay (E. Redworth); Del-

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" pis B. (Mrs. Easton Gibb); Kaiserschloss (Edwin

PRIZE COMPETITIONS ^' Doughty); Kennaquhair (Miss Curie); Malta
(Mrs. Delves Broughton); Newark (George A. Vul-

Coloured Design for a Show-card. liamy) . Sweet Pea (Miss p. RochuSsen); Schloss

(A XXXII.) (Irene de Paula); Violet (J. G. Warburg); and

The First Prize (Six guineas) is awarded to Viaggiatora (Miss Moore).
Cory don (Walter P. Web-
ster, 71 Chelverton Road,

The Second Prize
(Artists' Material to the
value of Two guineas) to
Bucolic (John H. Lunn,
13 Roe Street, Clifton
Park Avenue, Belfast).

The Third Prize
(Artists' Material to the
value of One guinea) to
Arion (W. Alfare, 1
Quadrant Road, Canon-

Honourable mention
is given to the following :
Ace of Hearts (Edith
Ewen); Anno Domini
(Ada C. Dimma) ; Ague-
cheek (Mary Watson);
Curlew(Lennox G. Bird) ;
Dun (Dunbar Poole);
Halliwell (H. H. Prime) ;
Ken (C. Maclvor Prier-
son); Pollux (R. E.
Clarke); Quill (S.Terds);
Barneses I. (Charles J.
White); Sketch (M. W.
Thompson) ; Skeog
(Dorothea Knox) ; and
Siegfried (Adolf Hofer).

Photographs from

An Ancient Building.

The First Prize (One first prize (competition d xviii