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Awards in “ The Studio ” Prize Competitions

which the work is furnished renders the task of
reference delightfully easy.

La Peinture en Europe: La Hollande. By
Lafenestre and Richtenberger. (Paris : Sociitb
Franqaise des Editions d’Arf.)—Holland is the
subject of the latest addition to this interesting
series of illustrated guide-books, in which MM.
Lafenestre and Richtenberger conduct their readers
through the principal museums and galleries of
Europe. It were impossible to praise beyond its
deserts an enterprise such as this, which covers a
long-felt and serious want, especially as the authors
give proof of sound knowledge and admirable
discretion in their choice of the works they have
reproduced. The volumes which have already
appeared are—“Le Musde du Louvre,” “ Florence,”
“La Belgique,” and “Venise.”


Design for a Door Knocker.


Lightness of construction is one of the essentials
of a knocker intended for use on a bed-room or
other interior door, and many of the designs sent
in for this competition, while excellent in other
respects, were passed over by the judges owing to
their too massive character.

The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to
Glitters (Hermione Unwin, Hall Royd, Shipley,

The Second Prize (0?ie guinea) to Theseus
(W. L. Brown, Victoria Road, Castle Street, Salis-

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Craft (F. White, 19 Amott Road, East Dulwich,
S.E.); Mabs (Jacques Hourey, 16 Falmouth
Road, Bishopston, Bristol); these are illustrated;
Abbott of Aberbrothock (Henry T. Wyse); Arion
(W. Alfare); Architrave (Charles P. Wilkinson);
Aqua (Miss E. A. Lilley); Chewed Cheek (Marie P.
Webb); Dis (A. Hamilton Scott); Jason (John
Thirtle); Pan (Fred H. Ball); Langtown (George
Mitchell); Light (S. R. Turner); Mephisto (D.
Chamberlain); Lady Anne (Annie M. Shepherd);
Sesame (Lilian F. Baxter); Sixpence (G. S. Tanner);
Trion (F. Mabel Brinford); and The Owl (Andrew
H. Hamilton).

Design Symbolical of Summer.


The First Prize (One gtiinea) is awarded to

Malvolio (Olive Allen, 53 Newshane Drive, Liver-

The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Pa7i
(Fred. FI. Ball, 40 Peel Street, Nottingham.)

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Lsca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James’s,
Exeter) (illustrated); Ace of Hearts (Edith Ewen);
Aqua (Miss E. A. Lilley); Curlew (Lennox G.
Bird); Camu (Charles Gale); Chat Noir (A.
Leete); Hump (C. A. Horrell); Jason (John
Thirtle); M. S. T. (May S. Tyrer); Niles (Alice
Balch); .and Rep (Edwin A. Phillips).

Design for the Cover of a Club Gazette.

(B XXXV.).

The awards in this competition are unavoidably
held over.

Snapshot of Birds in Flight.

(D XIX.).

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Columbia (Harry Wanless, 31 Westborough, Scar-

The Second Prize (.Half-a-guinea) to Mask
(Thomas Kent, Albert Square, Kirkwall, N.B.).

Honourablemention is given toBime-bye (Maurice
Egerton, 9 Seamore Place, Mayfair, W.),


“ glitters”
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