Studio: international art — 17.1899

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Awards in 11 The Studio ” Prize Competitions

ment. For the rest—well, we have known Mr.
Whistler to be more amusing.

The Nature of Gothic. By John Ruskin. With
a preface by William Morris. (London: George
Allen.) Price ix. net.—Every art-student, every
craftsman, every one who would seek to know some-
thing of the spirit which governs the production
of artistic construction and decoration should read
and, if possible, possess this little book. It con-
tains, probably, the most valuable precepts that
Mr. Ruskin ever laid down. It has had and will
continue to have a beneficent effect upon the work
of all those who conscientiously peruse and apply
its principles. Originally appearing as a chapter
in The Stones of Venice, then reprinted by Morris
in the Kelmscott Press, it is now issued by Mr.
Ruskin’s publisher in a cheap form. We would
gladly know that it was translated into every
language of Europe, and preached from the pulpits
of the world.

A Popular Handbook to the Tate Gallery. By
Edward T. Cook. (London : Macmillan & Co.,
Limited.) Price 55.—This is a companion volume
to Mr. Cook’s Popular Handbook to the National
Gallery. In the introductory chapter an account
is given of the origin and history of the Tate
Gallery together with some useful general remarks
concerning the British School of Painting. The
catalogue of pictures is arranged according to the
numbers affixed to the frames, and a biographical
notice of each painter is included in addition to
concise notes describing the sentiment of the
various paintings and sculptures. In order to
assist visitors to the Gallery to find the works of
some particular painter, an index ljst of all the
artists is given with the titles of their works, while
a second appendix provides a numerical index list
of all the paintings, sculptures, and drawings in the
Gallery. The labour and research entailed in the
making of such a book as this must have been
enormous, and the compiler may be unreservedly
congratulated upon the production of a volume
which should prove equally valuable as a guide-
book and as a work of reference.

Old Clocks and Watches arid their Makers. By
F. J. Britten. (London: B. T. Batsford.) Price
1 os. net.—This is a popular account of the
evolution of watches and clocks from the earliest
known forms of timekeepers. The 400 illustra-
tions contained in the book have been well
selected and include many quaintly curious and
many artistic examples. Amateurs of “ long-case ”
clocks will discover in these pages some excellent
specimens and some useful information; collectors

will find valuable lists of “ date marks ” and makers’
names; while the manufacturer of clock and watch
cases will be able to realise by its aid how much
his productions are lacking in good workmanship
when compared with those of olden days.

The much neglected craft of the wood-engraver
has been utilised with good effect in a tasteful
pamphlet on Simple Bedroom Furniture which has
been issued by Messrs. Heal & Son. All the
illustrations therein have been cut on wood, and
the result has been a quality of line which is not
usually obtainable in process work. The little
brochure also contains a reprint of an article on
simplicity in bedroom furnishing which was written
only last year by the late Mr. Gleeson White.


Design for Toilet (or Washstand)


We regret that we are unable to award any prize
in the above, none of the designs having fulfilled
the requirements of the competition.

Design for Teaware.


The First Prize {Three guineas') is awarded to
Malvolio (Olive Allen, The North Hall, Launceston,

The Second Prize {Two guitieas) to Yhoirdis
(Eva Bundy, 6 Dalmeny Avenue, Camden Road,

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Chris (Christina Gregory); Dux (George C. Dux-
bury); Dodo (Maude M. Ackery) ; Gelimer (Baro-
ness Geyso); f'Essaie (T. W. Whipp) ; Lotus (J.

R. Skinner); and Parnassus (Charlotte E. Elliot).

Design for Flower-Pot and Pedestal.


The First Prize {Threeguineas) is awarded to
Fossil (Francis Pope, 42 Crawford Street, Camber-
well, S.E.).

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Curlew
(Lennox G. Bird, Royal Marine Barracks,

Honourable mention is given to Snowdrop (W.

S. Moyes).

Sketch Design for a Glass Mosaic Panel.


The awards in this competition are unavoidably
postponed until the September number.

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