Studio: international art — 17.1899

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Awards in “ The Studio ” Prize Competitions

of the artist were but rarely present. It lay with
Morris more than with any other man of his time
to perceive the possibilities of the craft and to raise
it out of the ruts of commonplace commercialism
into a fine art. That he carried that art to a
supreme height can scarcely be claimed for him ;
but that his example rendered it easier for others
to surpass him in their efforts in the right direction
must be evident to all. A greater debt is due
to Morris than is commonly realised at the
present day ; but when the civilising spirit of art
and its universal application shall be recognised
at its true worth by the people at large, then
will the pioneer efforts of this remarkable man
receive the attention and praise which are their
due. Mr. Mackail has done a good work both for
present and future generations in chronicling with
so much sympathy the life of William Morris, and
we can most cordially recommend his volumes to
the attention of our readers.

TheChiswick Shakespeare. Illustrated by Byam
Shaw. (London : George Bell & Sons.) Price
is. 6d. net per volume.—We have received the
first two volumes, “The Merchant of Venice ” and
“Hamlet,” of this most dainty edition. The type
is readable and well printed, the illustrations are
happily conceived and suitably executed in har-
mony with the text. The title-pages by Mr.
Moira are quaintly appropriate, and the design in
gold upon the green cloth cover is attractive.
But a few years ago such volumes would have
been deemed worthy to be considered editions
de luxe. To-day the low price at which they are
offered to the public alone prevents them being so

Shakespeare's Sonnets. Illustrated by Henry
Ospovat. (London and New York : John Lane.)
Price 3-r. 6d. net.—Mr. Ospovat’s name will be
familiar to readers of The Studio as the author
of some particularly well-conceived and well-drawn
designs for book-plates which have been presented
from time to time in its pages. That he should
turn his attention to the decorative illustration of
books has been felt to be a foregone conclusion by
those who have watched the progress of his work.
His first serious attempt in that direction is, we
believe, in the volume now before us. His task
has been by no means a light one, but he has
accomplished it with excellent judgment and right
feeling. His drawings are not merely technically
good; they have been inspired with true poetic
sentiment. We think we can discern a great future
for this young artist and we shall look forward with
pleasurable anticipation to his further efforts.


Designs for Pottery Ware.

The awards in these competitions
will be announced in a future number.

Design Symbolical of “ Peace.”


The First Prize (One guinea') is awarded to
Pooscat (Ida F. Ravaison, 31 Greville Road,
Kilburn, N.W.).

The Second Prize (Halpa-guinea), to M. S. T.
(May Seddon Tyrer, Southam Villa, Prestburg
Road, Cheltenham).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Effem Jay (Frank Jones); Malvoiio (Olive Allen);
Art et Liberte (Franz Galliard); Shanghei (S. Ruth
Canton); and Veset (Ernest Koie).

Special Competition for British Colonies.

A Landscape.

The First Prize (Three guineas) is awarded
to Purakanui (Peter McIntyre, Koikorai, Dune-
din, N.Z.).

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Bunge-
worgorai (Martyn Roberts, Gladstone Road, S.
Brisbane, Queensland).

The Third Prize (One guinea) to Scallywag
(Frank Brookesmith, 84 River Street, South Yarra,

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Flop (Percy F. Hockings); N. A. C. (M. Emily
Carr); Saki (Isabel McDonald); and Tepi Laut
(E. Lorenz Meyer).

Study of a Fish.


The awards in this competition are unavoidably
held over.

(D XX.)

The First Prize [One guinea) is awarded to
Ruth (Miss C. W. Ellis, Summersburg, Shalford,

The Second Prize (Half-a-gumea) to Achtung
(W. S. Corder, 4 Rosella Place, North Shields).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Clodhopper (R. J. Haines); Duffer (Nellie M.
Paula); Falcon (Hugh Price); Hops (Caroline
H. Genmer); Jalp (L. Didier des Gachons);
Kennaquhair (Miss Christian H. Curie); Pretty
Poll (Seymour Conway); Sweet Pea (Pauline
Rochussen); Totenhalem (James P. Jones); and
Viaggiatore (Miss Moore).

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