Studio: international art — 17.1899

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dividuality may, perhaps, be best seen in the figure
of Lucifer, of which we give an illustration on
page 128. The inscription, “Ebenbild Gottes,
bist du gliicklich,” gives additional accentuation to
the original idea of the artist.

Among the younger Austrian artists who have
recently come to the front, there are three who
deserve especial attention—Messrs. Maximilian
Lenz, Ferdinand Andri, and Max Kurzweil. Mr.
Kurzweil, after studying for some years in France,
has returned to Vienna, and is now developing into
a spirited and even brilliant colourist. The portrait
of the artist’s wife (illustrated on this page), exhibited
at the last Secessionists’ Exhibition, shows him at

his best. The broad handling of the brush, the
fine modelling and grace of line, combined with a
certain languor, expressed in the slight drooping of
the head and curve of the neck, give to the picture
quite a charm of its own. In regard to colouring
the contrasts are very bold : a green and blue pattern
of large flowers on the sofa, upon which the silk
dress of shining orange spreads out its folds. This
very strong orange-yellow makes the flesh tints of
the extended arms and shoulders appear somewhat
pale and whitish in contrast, the delicate complexion
of the face being again relieved by the rich black
hair. Altogether an interesting and novel piece
of colouring. The artist has solved this difficult
problem well.


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