Studio: international art — 36.1906

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Ancient Bedsteads and Cradles. By A. S. Levetus. Fourteen Illustrations . . .. . 131

Ashbee, C. R. On the Dromenagh Estate at Iver Heath. Seven Illustrations .... 47

Austrian Peasant Lace. By A. S. Levetus. Fifteen Illustrations ....... 209

Baldry, A. Lys. The Art of William Lee Hankev, R.I. Eleven Illustrations . . . . 291

Bayes, Walter. The Paintings and Etchings of D. Y. Cameron. Fourteen Illustrations . 3

Brosch, L. The Paintings of Ettore Tito. Eight Illustrations.307

Burslem Art School, The Ceramic Work of the. By E. N. Scott. Twenty-four Illustrations . 333

Cameron, D. Y., The Paintings and Etchings of. By Walter Bayes. Fourteen Illustrations. 3

Colour Symphony, A. By George Logan. Three Illustrations.118

Coloured Xylographic Prints, An easy Method of Making. By Edward F.rtz. Four Illustrations 59
Country Cottage and the Materials used in its Construction, The. By G. LI. Morris and Esther

Wood. Sixteen Illustrations.146

Domestic Architecture, Some Recent Designs in. Nineteen Illustrations.233, 340

Dromenagh Estate at Iver Heath, On the. By C. R. Ashbee. Seven Illustrations .... 47

Ertz, Edward. An Easy Method of Making Coloured Xylographic Prints. Four Illustrations . 59

Grautoff, Otto. A Young Munich Sculptor : Heinrich Wirsing. Four Illustrations . . . 141

Halton, E. G. The Staats Forbes Collection—I. The Barbizon Pictures. Fifteen Illustrations 30

,, ,, ,, ,, II. The Modern Dutch Pictures. Nine Illustrations 107

,, ,, ,, ,, ,, III. Third and Concluding Article. Thirteen Illus. 218

Hankev, W. Lee, R.I., The Art of. By A. Lys Baldry. Eleven Illustrations.291

Hassall, John, R.I., The Posters, Paintings and Illustrations of. By T. Martin Wood. Ten Illus. 199

Herkomer, Prof. Hubert von, C.V.O., R.A. Franz von Lenbach : An Appreciation. Two Illus. 195

Hind, A. Mayger. The Etchings of Sir John Charles Robinson. Six Illustrations .... 300

Hornby, Lester G., Leaves from the Sketch Book of. Six Illustrations . . . . . 122

King, Jessie M., Landscapes in Pen and Ink by. Six Illustrations.241

Lace-Making in Austria, The State Schools for. By A. S. Levetus. Nineteen Illustrations . . 19

Lay Figure, The.96, 192, 288, 382

Lenbach, Franz von : An Appreciation. By Professor Hubert von Herkomer, C.V.O., R.A. Two


Levetus, A. S. Ancient Bedsteads and Cradles. Fourteen Illustrations.131

,, ,, Austrian Peasant Lace. Fifteen Illustrations.209

,, ,, The Recent Exhibition of Miniatures at Vienna. Twenty-three Illustrations 316

,. ,, The State Schools for Lace-Making in Austria. Nineteen Illustrations . . 19

Logan, George. A Colour Symphony. Three Illustrations.118

Miniatures at Vienna, The Recent Exhibition of. By A. S. Levetus. Twenty-three Illustrations 316

Morris, G. LI., and Esther Wood. The Country Cottage and the Materials used in its Construction.

Sixteen Illustrations.146

Nourse, Elizabeth, The Paintings of. By Anna Seaton Schmidt. Eight Illustrations . . . 247
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