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Exhibition of Miniatures at Vienna


(Figdor Collection )

some friends in his beau-
tiful villa on the lovely
banks of the Brenta, “ I
should like to devote half
my life to painting and the
other half to sculpture.” As
a matter of fact, he has made
various essays as a sculptor.

He exhibited a pretty little
statuette called The Source at
the Venetian International
Exhibition of 1901. Since
then he has executed a medal
in honour of his country-
man Marconi, on which
is represented an allegorical
genius moving the globe of
the world, surrounded by
nude female figures with
rippling masses of hair. The
central figure is pushing at
the globe with all his might.

We hope and trust that
Ettore Tito, with a like
strenuousness, may preserve
his powerful and energetic
craftsmanship, and use it in
the future to bring forth
new creations in the service
of art. L. B.



The recent exhibition of


A rare treat was provided for art-lovers in
Vienna by the Exhibition of Miniatures recently held
in the Palace of the Minister-President, who lent
a grand suite of rooms for this purpose. The
exhibition was an unusually interesting one, com-
prising as it did nearly three thousand examples,
many of them of exceptional beauty, painted by
the foremost representatives of this branch of art.
It was organised by a committee of aristocratic
ladies, with the valuable aid of Regierungsrat
Dr. Eduard Leisching and Dr. August Schestag,
and was under the patronage of the Archduchess
Maria Annunciata. The motive of the ladies was
to gain money for purposes of charity. The
Viennese are not boastful of their treasures, but on
such occasions they willingly lend their most
valuable works of art, and then one is astonished
to find how numerous these are.

“lady and children” by waldmuller

(By permission of Dr. G. Jurii von Lavandal)
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