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Awards in “The Studio ” Prize Competitions

artistic colouring makes them very attractive in
appearance. The goose and ducklings designed
by Mr. Knohl also deserve notice, as being both
attractive and strong, an additional feature of
interest being the movement of the neck when
the toys are drawn along the ground. These toys
cannot fail to be a source of delight to young
people, and their quaintness may perhaps also
give pleasure to those of older growth.

The application of art to all forms of handiwork
has been advocated by The Studio ever since it
was established. That even objects which are
made only to be consumed are also capable of
something approaching artistic treatment is shown
by the accompanying illustrations of honey cakes,
which have been selected from a number of designs
by Mr. M. Ebenbock, of Munich. It is not, of
course, contended that objects of consumption
such as these can be made artistic in more than a
minor degree; but undoubtedly the quaintness of
the design adds an additional interest to them,
especially if their edible quality is good, and this,
of course, is the thing of primary importance.


“Collecting Miniatures, Enamels and Jewellery.’’ By R.

Elward. is. nett. (E. Arnold.)

“The Gate Beautiful.” ByJ. W. Stimson. (B. T. Batsford.)
“ Sam Bough.” By the late S. Gilpin. "]s. 6d. nett. (G.
Bell & Sons.)

“Tennyson’s Poems.” Illustrated by E. Fortescue Brick-
dale. 7s. 6d. nett. (G. Bell & Sons.)

“ Duval’s Artistic Anatomy.” By Dr. A. M. Paterson.
(Cassell & Co., Etd.)

“Siena.” By C. Chledowski. (B. Cassirer, Berlin.)
“Monograms and Ciphers.” By A. A. Turbayne. Pt. 3,
5-r. nett. (Caxton Publishing Co.)

“A Book of Baby Birds.” By Beatrix Parker. (W. and
R. Chambers.)

“The Boys of Badminster.” By A. Horne. $s. (W. and

R. Chambers.)

“Raphael.” By Julia Cartwright. 2s. nett. (Duckworth
& Co.)

“Modern Photography for Amateurs.” By J. E. Fearn.
is. nett. (L. Upcott Gill.)

“Practical Ventriloquism.” By R. Ganthony. is. nett.
(L. Upcott Gill.)

“ Reynolds.” By Sir W. Armstrong. 155. nett. (W. Heine-

“Tales from Shakespeare.” By C. and M. Lamb, icm 6d.
nett. (T. C. and E. C. Jack.)

Meister der Farbe.” 3 marks (E. A. Seemann, Leipzig.)
"The Gods of Pegana.” By Lord Dunsany. 55-. (Elkin

“Jewellery.” By C. Davenport. 2s. 6d. nett. (Methuen
& Co.)

“Drawings of Rossetti.” By T. M. Wood. 7?. 6d. nett.
(G. Newnes, Ltd.)

“ Drawings of J. M. Swan.” By A. L. Baldly. 7s- 6d. nett.
(G. Newnes, Ltd.)

“ Puvis de Chavannes. ” By A. Alexandre. 3^. 6d. nett.
(G. Newnes, Ltd.)

“Rossetti.” By E. Radford. 31. 6d. nett. (G. Newnes,

“Seven Angels of the Renascence.” By Sir W. Bayliss.

ioj. 6d. nett. (Sir I. Pitman & Sons.)

“ The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle.” By B. Potter. lx. nett.
(F. Warne & Co.)

“Wild Flowers from Month to Month in their Natural
Haunts,” by Edward Step, F.L.S. 2 vols., 6.r. nett,
each. (F. Warne & Co.)

“ Handzeichnungen Schweizerischer Meister.” Lfg. 3, ioj.
nett. (Williams and Norgate.)

Awards in "the studio”


Class A. Decorative Art.

A XVIII. Design for a Fender.

First Prize (Three Guineas): Margarite (J. B.
Morrall, Sutton Road, Wylde Green, near Bir-

Second Prize {Two Guineas) : Brush (Percy
Lancaster, 231 Lord Street, Southport).

Hon. Mention : Kim (H. B. Laycock); Tramp
(D. Veazey); Crafts (F. White); Penna (E. G.
Hallam) ; Omega (H. W. Oake); Blodgey (C. T.
Mitchell); Mabel (J. W. Northcott); Rustic (B. W.
Billinge) ; Nemo (J. Wightman).

Class B. Pictorial Art.

B XII. A Harvesting Scene.

First Prize {Two Guineas')-. O. T. (W. O.
Trivette, Hazelhurst, Burton Road, Woodville,

Second Prize {One Guinea) : Capri (Antonio
R. Oliver, 10 rue S. Sebastian, Palma Mallorca,
Balearic Isles).

Hon. Mention : Officer (T. Sarg); Novice (R. J.
Hewitt); Alas tor (R. S. Angell); Heras (Max
Theron); Bern (Miss F. Atkinson).

Class C. Photographs from Nature.

C XIII. View of a Picturesque Street.

First Prize {One Guinea): Bromide (Henry
Neville, 81 Revidge Road, Blackburn).

Second Prize {Half a-Guinea): OwlQR. Coble,
16 Princess Street, Northampton).

Hon Mention : Bins (R. Manners); Basquaise
(Miss F. Mordaunt); Bones (W. H. C. Tryon);
Ely (J. B. Hopkins); 1 isher (H. Lambert); II
Trovatore (E. Adelot); Iso (A. E. Turner); Queen's
Knight (C. Winter-Wood) ; Soton (C. C. Cook).

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