Studio: international art — 70.1917

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(From Our Own Correspondents.)

tONDON.—The three landscapes by Mr.
Wilson Steer, Prof. Fred Brown, and
Mr. Collins Baker respectively, from
—^ which the accompanying reproduc-
tions have been made, were features of the
recent exhibition of the New English Art Club,
which, as remarked in our brief notes last month,
was particularly strong in landscape—a result
traceable, possibly, to the relaxation of the
rigorous restrictions on open-air sketching.

At a meeting convened by Mr. Francis Howard
at the Grosvenor Gallery in December, for the
purpose of considering a substitute for the
National Gallery Bill now before Parliament,
the following resolution proposed by Mr. Wilson
Steer was adopted and received influential sup-
port : “ We advocate a Bill to forbid the sale
(except to the National Gallery) or export during
the war and for two years after of the pictures
earmarked by the Board of the National
Gallery, and, with a view to purchasing these
for the nation, and augmenting National

Gallery funds, to levy an export duty of 25
per cent, on all pictures not produced within
the last fifty years, or brought into Great
Britain within the last ten years. Pending the
discussion and passing of the Bill, we advocate
an Order of Council forbidding the sale or export
of any of the earmarked works of art.”

In the opinion of those who advocate these
proposals the chief objection to the Bill, intro-
duced by Lord D’Abernon and passed by the
House of Lords, is that it is entirely inadequate
to achieve the end it has in view, as the funds
which would accrue from the measures con-
templated by it would not suffice to save more
than ten per cent, of the pictures which it is
desired to secure for the nation. A strong
protest against the Bill has also been signed by
the representatives of the leading art societies
in the United Kingdom.

At a meeting of the Royal Institute of
Painters in Water-Colours last month Mr.
David Murray, R.A., was elected President of
the Institute in succession to the late Sir James
D. Linton.



{New English Art Club)

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