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TION, 1924 0 0 0 0 0

ALTHOUGH this year’s Academy ex-
hibition is not of sensational interest,
it maintains an excellent average of accom-
plishment, and includes a sufficient variety
of types of practice to represent adequately
the art of the time. Really, the Academy is
much more catholic than many of the
younger artists of to-day would be inclined
to allow, and it holds the balance very fairly
between the different schools that are
worthy of recognition. If anything it has
been a little too tolerant this time, as it
might reasonably have demanded a higher
standard of achievement in the things which
intentionally break away from the academic
tradition. But, on the whole, the quality
of the collection is quite satisfying, and the
bad performances are not numerous enough
to be obtrusive. 0000
It is perhaps among the portraits that
the largest number of important paintings

can be found, though there are as well
some admirable landscapes and a few
figure pictures of distinguished merit. But
portraits like Mr. Sargent’s Sir Philip
Sassoon, Bt., extraordinarily convincing
both in its power and its reticence ; the
fascinating group, Barbara and Elizabeth,
Daughters of Philip Reckitt, Esq., by Mr.
Sims ; and the amazingly vigorous Vis-
count Wimborne, Viscount Milner, and His
Grace the Archbishop of York, by Sir
William Orpen, stand out as dominating
features of the show, and with them can
be associated Mr. Melton Fisher's William
Miller, Esq., and Colonel C. H. Darbishire,
which have exceptional virility and strength
of characterisation. 0000
In his portrait of the King Mr. Sims has
produced a canvas which as a decoration
has a high degree of interest and great
technical qualities. Mr. W. W. Russell
sends a number of portraits which show to
advantage his delicately sensitive methods
of expression; Sir W. Llewellyn a series

“THE LEMNIANS.” (48 ins. X 72 ins.)

I Copyright reserved for artist or owner
by Walter Judd, Ltd., Publishers of “ The
Royal Academy Illustrated.”)

Vol. LXXXVII. No. 375—June 1924.

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