Besant, Annie ; Leadbeater, Charles W.
Thought-Forms — London, 1905

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The text of this little book is the joint work of Mr
Leadbeater and myself ; some of it has already appeared
as an article in Lucifer (now the Theosophical Review),
but the greater part of it is new. The drawing and
painting of the Thought-Forms observed by Mr Lead-
beater or by myself, or by both of us together, has been
done by three friends—Mr John Varley, Mr Prince,
and Miss Macfarlane, to each of whom we tender our
cordial thanks. To paint in earth's dull colours the
forms clothed in the living light of other worlds is a hard
and thankless task ; so much the more gratitude is due
to those who have attempted it. They needed coloured
fire, and had only ground earths. We have also to thank
Mr F. Bligh Bond for allowing us to use his essay on
Vibration Figures, and some of his exquisite drawings.
Another friend, who sent us some notes and a few
drawings, insists on remaining anonymous, so we can
only send our thanks to him with similar anonymity.

It is our earnest hope—as it is our belief—that this
little book will serve as a striking moral lesson to every
reader, making him realise the nature and power of his
thoughts, acting as a stimulus to the noble, a curb on
the base. With this belief and hope we send it on its



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