Besant, Annie ; Leadbeater, Charles W.
Thought-Forms — London, 1905

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As knowledge increases, the attitude of science towards
the things of the invisible world is undergoing con-
siderable modification. Its attention is no longer directed
solely to the earth with all its variety of objects,
or to the physical worlds around it; but it finds itself
compelled to glance further afield, and to construct
hypotheses as to the nature of the matter and force
which lie in the regions beyond the ken of its instru-
ments. Ether is now comfortably settled in the scientific
kingdom, becoming almost more than a hypothesis.
Mesmerism, under its new name of hypnotism, is no
longer an outcast. Reichenbach's experiments are
still looked at askance, but are not wholly condemned.
Rontgen's rays have rearranged some of the older ideas
of matter, while radium has revolutionised them, and is
leading science beyond the borderland of ether into the
astral world. The boundaries between animate and
inanimate matter are broken down. Magnets are found
to be possessed of almost uncanny powers, transferring
certain forms of disease in a way not yet satisfactorily
explained. Telepathy, clairvoyance, movement without
contact, though not yet admitted to the scientific table,
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