Besant, Annie ; Leadbeater, Charles W.
Thought-Forms — London, 1905

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Sympathy and Love for all.—Hitherto we have been
dealing chiefly with forms which are the expression of
emotion, or of such thought as is aroused within the mind
by external circumstances. We have now to consider
some of those caused by thoughts which arise from within
—forms generated during meditation—each being the
effect produced by a conscious effort on the part of
the thinker to form a certain conception, or to put himself
into a certain attitude. Naturally such thoughts are
definite, for the man who trains himself in this way
learns how to think with clearness and precision, and
the development of his power in this direction shows
itself in the beauty and regularity of the shapes produced.
In this case we have the result of an endeavour on the
part of the thinker to put himself into an attitude of
sympathy and love towards all mankind, and thus we
have a series of graceful lines of the luminous green of
sympathy with the strong roseate glow of affection
shining out between them (Fig. 37). The lines are still
sufficiently broad and wide apart to be easily drawn ; but
in some of the higher examples of thought-forms of this
type the lines are so fine and so close that no human
hand can represent them as they really are. The outline
of this thought-form is that of a leaf, yet its shape and
the curve of its lines are more suesrestive of a certain
kind of shell, so that this is another example of the
approximation to forms seen in physical nature which
we noted in commenting upon Fig. 16.

An Aspiration to Enfold all.—In Fig. 38 we have
a far more developed example of the same type. This
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