Besant, Annie ; Leadbeater, Charles W.
Thought-Forms — London, 1905

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stand life a little should use it consciously, and use it for
good. We have at our command a never-failing criterion ;
we can never misuse this mighty power of thought if we
employ it always in unison with the great divine scheme
of evolution, and for the uplifting of our fellow-man.

Helpful Thoughts

The Figures numbered 48 to 54 were the results of
a systematic attempt to send helpful thought by the
friend who has furnished us with the sketches. A
definite time was given each day at a fixed hour. The
forms were in some cases seen by the transmitter, but
in all cases were perceived by the recipient, who immedi-
ately sent rough sketches of what was seen by the next
post to the transmitter, who has kindly supplied the
following notes with regard to them :—

"In the coloured drawings appended the blue features
appear to have represented the more devotional element
of the thought. The yellow forms accompanied the
endeavour to communicate intellectual fortitude, or
mental strength and courage. The rosy pink appeared
when the thought was blended with affectionate sympathy.
If the sender (A.) could formulate his thought deliberately
at. the appointed time, the receiver (B.) would report
seeing a large clear form as in Figs. 48, 49, and 54. The
latter persisted for some minutes, constantly streaming its
luminous yellow ' message' upon B. If, however, A.
was of necessity experimenting under difficulty—say
walking out of doors—he would occasionally see his
' forms' broken up into smaller globes, or shapes, such
as 50, 51, 52, and B. would report their receipt so broken

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