Besant, Annie ; Leadbeater, Charles W.
Thought-Forms — London, 1905

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shop-window may be seen thus protruding astral crav-
ings through the glass.

Greed for Drink.—In Fig. 29 we have another
variant of the same passion, perhaps at an even more
degraded and animal level. This specimen was taken
from the astral body of a man just as he entered at the
door of a drinking-shop ; the expectation of and the
keen desire for the liquor which he was about to absorb
showed itself in the projection in front of him of this
very unpleasant appearance. Once more the hooked
protrusions show the craving, while the colour and the
coarse mottled texture show the low and sensual nature
of the appetite. Sexual desires frequently show them-
selves in an exactly similar manner. Men who give
birth to forms such as this are as yet but little removed
from the animal; as they rise in the scale of evolution
the place of this form will gradually be taken by some-
thing resembling that shown in Fig. 13, and very
slowly, as development advances, that in turn will pass
through the stages indicated in Figs. 9 and 8, until
at last all selfishness is cast out, and the desire to have
has been transmuted into the desire to give, and we arrive
at the splendid results shown in Figs. 11 and 10.


At a Shipwreck.—Very serious is the panic which has
occasioned the very interesting group of thought-forms
which are depicted in Fig. 30. They were seen simul-
taneously, arranged exactly as represented, though in the
midst of indescribable confusion, so their relative positions
have been retained, though in explaining them it will be
loading ...