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Appendix H

der alien Kunst Gottingen 1835 ii. 4. 71 f. pi. 75, 967, F. Cumont Textes et
monuments figures relatifs aux mysteres de Mithra Bruxelles 1896 ii. 238 f.
fig. 68, id. in Roscher Lex. Myth. ii. 3039 fig. r, R. Eisler Weltenmantel und
Himmelszelt Miinchen 1910 ii. 412 f. fig. 50 a statue in white marble (i.65m high,
o.47m wide at base), found at Ostia in 1797 by the English painter R. Fagan
and now erected at the entrance of the Vatican Library: the four wings are
adorned with symbols of the seasons, viz. the left upper wing with dove and
swan, the right upper wing with corn-ears, the right lower wing with grapes,
the left lower wing with two palm-trees and reeds; the hands hold keys
and a sceptre ; the breast is marked with a thunderbolt; the supporting slab
shows hammer and tongs to left, caduceus, cock, and pine-cone to right, with
an inscription (Corp. inscr. Lat. xiv no. 65— Dessau Inscr. Lat. set. no. 4212
C. Valerijus Heracles pat(er) | et C. Valerii | Vitalis et Nico|mes (sic) sacer-
dojtes s(ua) p(e)c(unia) p(o)s(ue)r(unt) | D. d. idi. Aug. imp. | Com. | vi et
Septi|miano | cos. =Aug. 13, 190 A.D.). H. Diitschke Antike Bildwerke in
Oberitalien Leipzig 1878 iii. 180 f. no. 367, F. Cumont Textes et monuments
figures relatifs aux mysteres de Mithra Bruxelles 1896 ii. 258 f. fig. 96, id. Die
Mysterien des Mithrdt trans. G. Gehrich Leipzig 1911 p. 215 n. 1 pi. 2, 4 ( = my
fig. 910), Reinach Rep. Stat. ii. 477 no. 7 a statue in white Italian marble (1.15™
high, 0.35111 wide) in the Uffizi at Florence : the god wears a sleeved garment;
two slot-holes in his back show where the shoulder-wings were attached; his
right hand held a key, his left a sceptre ; the upper part of the thunderbolt at
his side takes the form of a human head ; his feet with the sphere on which he
stands are restored).



(1) The Jars of Zeus Ktesios.

Any discussion of Zeus Ktesios must start from the locus classicus in Athen.
473 I5—C KAAI2K02. Qikrjptov iv tco npoeipr/pivcp crvyypdppaTL (sc. Philemon
the Atticist, on whom see W. Christ Geschichte der griechischen Litteraturz
Miinchen 1898 p. 771 n. 3) woTrjplov eiSos. dyyelov S' icrriv iv (M. P. Nilsson
would delete iv) 10 tovs KTrjo-[ovs Alas iytcadLdpvovo-LV, cos 'AvriKXeldrjs (prjaiv iv tco
'E£w™K<? (E. Schwartz in Pauly—Wissowa Real-Enc. i. 2426, ii. 2597 f. makes
it highly probable that the reference is to the 'E^y^riKoi/ of Autokleides, not
Antikleides,—a valuable source for traditional rites) ypdcpcov ovtcos "Ato? KrTjcrlov
o-qpela (G. Kaibel cj. crnrvas) lbpvecr8at xP^l <Ȥ^ nadianov kciivov (nevdv with ai
above e cod. P.) 81cotov iTridrjpaTovvTa crri-ty-cu ra (so Villebrun and C. F. W. Jacobs
for areyj/avTa. K. W. Dindorf would follow Jacobs, or else read are-^avTa rd)
cora ipico XeuKw koL in tov copov tov Se^tou kol i< tov peTcbnov ^tov upoKiov' ndi
(K. W. Dindorf would omit (cat) iadelvai (so codd. A.B. ia8r]vai cod. P. edd. V. L.)
o rt av evpjjs kcu etcr^e'ai (so J. Schweighauser for e'lo-^eai, cod. C. ttr^erat cod. P.
edd. V. L.) dpfipocriav. rj S' dpfipocrLa vbcop dupaitpvis, (Xaiov, TrayaapTvla. dnep
ep(Ba\e." Cod. C. epitomizes as follows : (prjcrl ttov ALoyevrjs. eha et'er^eat dp-
fipoalav. Tj 5' dpfjpoo-Ld, v8a>p dupaitpves, 'i\cuov, irayKapiria- airep ep(3a\e. For the

word Voi Kpotciov^, which I have marked as corrupt, no very satisfactory emenda-