Misson, François Maximilien; Goodwin, Timothy [Bearb.]; Wotton, Matthew [Bearb.]; Manship, Samuel [Bearb.]; Tooke, Benjamin [Bearb.]
A New Voyage to Italy: With Curious Observations On several other Countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and Holland. Together, With Useful Instructions for those who shall Travel thither. Done out of French. In Two Volumes (Vol. I.) — London: Printed for T. Goodwin, at the Queen's-Head; M. Wotton, at the Three-Daggers in Fleet-street; S. Manship, at the Ship in Cornbil; and B. Took at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleet-street, 1699

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See what has
been sat'd at O F T H E
the end os the
Tom.Lir' Memorable History
Capt. Francis de Civille.
Writ by Himself.

sa) Near

(b) In the
Tear 1562. .

F Bands de Civille, a (a) Norman Gentleman,
was Captain of a Foot Company of a Hun-
dred Men in the City of Rouen, when it was
(Jd) Besieged by Charles IX. and was ahen about
Twenty Six Years of Age. The Count de Mont-
gommery, Governour of the place, having Com-
sc)Oftob.ij manded him to (c) opposc the firlt efforts of rhe
(d) These are Assault, he was wounded at the end of the As-
his own words. sault (//) with a Mu/quet-shot in the Cheek, and
(e) Ihefe right Jaw-Bone, the'Bullet going out behind, near the
^hrnve^dis ^ape of the Neck, and piercing his se) Haujje-col.
serciitCsrom' ThisShot having made him fall from the Ram-
those they ufe part into the Ditch, lome Pioneers that happen'd
nm'. to be there put him into a Hole with (s) ano-
Forestier eJe ^ier which they put upon him, and cover’d
Drug^ift. * them
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