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(Nos. 1-14.)

Tomb No. 1. Unfinished, a rough-hewn portico only.
No inscriptions, graffiti, or mummy-pits.

No. 2. Tomb of Amenemhat (vide detailed descrip-
tion, p. 9).

No. 3. Tomb of Chnemhotep [II.] (vide detailed
description, p. 39).

No. 4. Tomb of Chnemhotep [IV.] Unfinished,
with portico in antis, which consisted of two (one now
destroyed) fluted and well-proportioned columns (see
PI. xxxix. and for details PI. xl.). The main chamber
is only just begun, but sufficient has been done to show
that the ceiling was not intended to be curved. No
mummy-pits, paintings, or graffiti. Upon the lintel of
the doorway to the main chamber is incised the following
inscription, naming the owner of the tomb together
with his titles and mother's name :—

Hnmhtp Ir n nbt pr D>[i], " The erpa-prince, the ha-
prince, Chnemhotep, born of the lady of the house

(On the relationship of Chnemhotep [IV.J with the
family of Chnemhotep [II.], see further Beni Hasan,
Part II., General Notice, § 7, The Family of Chnemhotep.)
The tomb was first described by Champollion {Monuments,
Notices, tome ii., ff. 458-459, No. 5). On Lepsius'survey
it is numbered 3 (BenhmMer, Abth. i., Bl. 58).

No. 5. Unfinished, with portico in antis which
consists of two 16-sided columns. The main chamber
is unfinished, but was designed to contain three aisles of
nearly equal width with curved roofs. No paintings,
graffiti, or mummy-pits.

No. 6. Unfinished. In plan a small square chamber.
No paintings, graffiti, or mummy-pits.

No. 7. Unfinished. One mummy-pit. No paint-
ings or graffiti.

No. 8. Unfinished. In plan a small square chamber.
Two mummy-pits.

No. 9. Apparently finished, but with no paintings
or inscriptions. It consists of a small open outer court
(with one mummy-pit), a rectangular main chamber
(with one mummy-pit), and a small shrine.

No. 10. Unfinished. In plan a rectangular chamber.
One mummy-pit.

No. 11. Unfinished, a portico in antis which con-
sisted of two octagonal columns and curved ceiling.
No main chamber, paintings, inscriptions, or graffiti.
One mummy-pit in front of the entrance to portico.

No. 12. Unfinished. No mummy-pits, paintings,
or inscriptions.

No. 13. Tomb of the royal scribe Chnemhotep (vide
detailed description, p. 73).

No. 14. Tomb of Chnemhotep [I.] (vide detailed
description, p. 79).