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TOMB No. 28.

Uninscribed. Architecturally of the same type as Tomb No. 15, but smaller, and with two columns
remaining. Eight mummy-pits. Apparently converted by the Copts into a church ; fragments of Coptic
plaster remain on the walls and floor.

TOMB No. 29.

Tomb of the

" Great Chief of the Oryx Nome,"


Q Baqt [I.].

Xlth Dynasty (?). (See Beni Hasan, Pt. I., General Notice, § 3.)
Southern Group. (See Sketch Survey, Beni Hasan, Pt. I., PI. ii., No. 29.)

^ f (} Baqt (variants : ^ f Q f) and J f Q \ Baqta).

ha, « Fa-prince."

sahu bdti, " Sahu of the King of Lower Egypt."
P ¥ IT'| 8emer Uath " Confidential friend of the King."
^ ^ vekh soten, " Royal acquaintance."

■Q @

her top da en Mahez, " Great Chief of the Oryx nome."

| dm-ds, " He who is in the chamber." (Legal title.)


dri NeMen, " He who belongs to the city of Nekhen." (Legal title.)

\ J 8 % 1ier (ep Ne^eh' " C,,ief of the citv of Nekheb." (Legal title.;

Father: Name unknown.
Mother: Name unknown.

Wife : %: I\ ^ Tehutiqa, a
-1L A

priestess of gold (?) of Hatlior."

[Son : ^ Q Baqt [II.] see PI. xxxvi.]

No representation of any divinity occurs in the tomb. Prayers are addressed as usual to the two
chief funereal gods, Osiris, Lord of Tatu, Khent Amentiu, Lord of Abydos; and Anubis, Within the
temple, Upon his Hill, Within Ut, Lord of the Sacred Land.

The only other deities named in the inscriptions are : Q 3ir5? a 3^ ® " Khnem, Lord of Herur,"

Horus, Smiter of the Rekhyt," and

" Hathor."