Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 9.1997(1998)

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Wlodzimierz Godlewski

The 1997 season of excavations and conservation lasted from
September 1 until the end of October.1 2 The fieldwork concentrated
in three separate sectors of the ancient and medieval monastery and
was a continuation of earlier research.
Hermitage 44 is located in the northeastern part of the
monastic complex, circa 1.2 km away from the contemporary
monastic buildings. The work carried out in 1995 and 1996 had led
to the uncovering of two courtyards, H and I, and three extensive

1 The Mission was directed by Prof. Dr. Wlodzimierz Godlewski and included:
Mr Tomasz Gorecki, archaeologist and ceramologist, Ms. Maria Mossakowska,
archaeologist, Mr Christian Gaubert, arabist, Mr Tomasz Herbich, archaeologist and
geophysicist, Mr Helmut Becker, geophysicist, Mr Jorg Fassbinder, geophysicist,
Ms. Ewa Parandowska, conservator, Ms. Teresa Zoltowska, photographer, Mr Marek
Puszkarski, draftsman, Ms Katarzyna Fila, student of conservation, Mr Cristobal
Calaforra-Rzepka, student of conservation, Mr Artur Obluski, student of archaeology, Ms.
Iwona Antoniak, student of coptology. The SCA was represented by Mrs. Atka Abdallah
Hassanin and Mrs. Magda Abdallah Goma. Thanks to the assistance of the SCA, both in
Cairo and in the Fayum, the fieldwork could proceed smoothly and effectively. For this
the Mission is grateful to Dr. Abdalla Attar and Mrs Magda el-Khouly. The Mission
is also grateful to the monks from the monastery of the Archangel Gabriel in Naqlun for
their unfailing hospitality and aid on all occasions.
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