Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 9.1997(1998)

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Wiktor A. Daszewski
As every year, the fieldwork began by the end of August and
continued for five weeks.1 The ceramologists remained for another
week to study and document the new finds. The excavations were
carried out concurrently in different locations, with special
emphasis placed on the research in the area south of the Villa of
Theseus, i.e. inside the so-called Hellenistic House (HH) and the
Early Roman House (ERH). Exploration also continued in the area
of the House of Aion (fig. 1).
A trench some 7 m long and 3 m wide was opened to the east
of the previously excavated section of Room 8 E.2 Four layers were
distinguished before the floor was reached at a depth of about
1.40 m. On top, there was a layer of cultivated soil approximately
20 cm thick with few pottery sherds. The most recent were
fragments of amphorae of the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, such as
Mau 27/28, Hayes type 45, "chocolate" amphorae with mica

1 The Mission, directed by the present author, included Dr. E. Papuci-Wladyka and
Mr H. Meyza, ceramologists; Prof. Dr. St. Medeksza, architect; Miss M. Droste,
archaeologist-draftsperson. Students of archaeology from the universities in Warsaw,
Trier, Cracow, Lodz, as well as students of architecture from the University of
Technology in Wroclaw also took part. Several volunteers from the U.K., Sweden and
Austria rendered valuable services, especially with regard to cleaning, mending and
drawing pottery. The Mission is deeply indebted to Dr. S. Hadjisavvas, Curator of
Ancient Monuments of the Department of Antiquities, who was of great assistance during
our work. Taking this opportunity, we would also like to express our deep gratitude to
Mr A. Ataliotis, former Mayor of Paphos, Mr A. Soteriades, Chief Educational Officer,
and Mr Nicolas Eliades for their unfailing and friendly support of our researches.
2 PAM VII, 1995 (1996), p. 9Iff. and PAM VIII, 1996 (1997), p. 113ff.

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