Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 9.1997(1998)

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Tomasz Waliszewski, Slawomir P. Kowalski and Anna Witecka
The Polish-French-Lebanese archaeological expedition was
in its second season of excavations at two sites situated some
30 km south of Beirut: Shhim, from June 30 to Aug. 23, and Jiyeh,
from July 21 to Aug. 23.1 The work at Shhim was a continuation of
last year’s explorations, while at Jiyeh, investigations of Byzantine
residential architecture were initiated.

1 The expedition was headed by Mr Tomasz Waliszewski, who was assisted by Renata
Tarazi representing the Direction Generale des Antiquites and Levon Nordiguian from the
Institut Francpais d'Archeologie du Proche-Orient. The team included: Slawomir
P. Kowalski (in charge of excavations at Shhim), Anna Witecka (in charge of work at
Jiyeh), Marzena Luszczewska, archeologists; Frederic Alpi, epigraphist; Abdallah
Alaeddine, ceramologist; Janusz Smaza, Krzysztof Chmielewski and Andrzej Karolczak,
conservators; Wioletta Tkaczyk, Anna Kosiorek and Krzysztof Jurkow, students of
conservation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; Dobieslawa Baginska, Ewa
Chrzanowska, Beata Dobosz, Wioletta Lipska, Lukasz Dziqgwa, Artur Kaczor, Kazimierz
Kotlewski, Michal Neska, Dominik Paszkowski, Hubert Stajniak and Rafal Zakrzewski,
students of archaeology from Warsaw University, the Academy of Catholic Theology and
the Copernicus University in Torun; and Michel Helou and Ibrahim Noureddine, students
from the Universite Libanaise in Beirut. Dr. Mounir Atallah was of considerable
assistance in many ways. Expressions of gratitude are due to the directors of the Direction
Generale des Antiquites, Institut Franqais d'Archeologie du Proche-Orient and the Polish
Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, represented by Camille Asmar, Jean-Marie
Dentzer and Michal Gawlikowski respectively, for their personal involvement in the
project. The Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw kindly provided the resources for
the protection and recording of the excavations. Special thanks are due to Mrs. Renata
Tarazi from the DGA, whose administrative and organizational efforts helped make the
expedition a success.

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