Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Art in Vienna



Otto Wagner. This project of the well-known (book-covers in leather, and gilt plaster work in the

architect will probably be taken into considera- entrance hall), and of Rudolf Bacher (rings and

tion shortly. Some of his pupils, Messrs. Olbrich clasps in silver). Specimens of the work of the two

Plecnik, G. von Kempf, and others, assisted in last-named artists are here illustrated. Koloman

"building" the little model, which was elaborately Moser's glass window and a wall decoration in

decorated in gold. printed cloth, as well as some decorative work in

In the sculpture department, Prof. Edmund bas-relief on the exterior walls of the building, were

Hellmer, exhibited two portrait busts in plaster, also worthy of note. In bronze work, Gustav

Wazlaw Szymanowski sent an interesting sketch in Gurschner, a young Vienna artist who has studied

plaster (a group of labouring men) from Paris, and in Paris, exhibited for the first time. There is a

an interesting plaster group by Richard Luksch distinct Viennese element about his conception
attracted considerable attention. and execution, which is not the least that can be

Passing over to the applied art section, we must said in his favour. His electric lamps, candle-
note the work of the sculptor, Mr. Schimkovitz, sticks, brooches and little bronze figures are very
who is responsible for most of the plastic decora- delicately conceived. The style of this artist's
tions of the new building itself; of Adolf Bohm individuality is, perhaps, best seen in the little

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