Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions

The Editor regrets that when the accompanying
design for cretonne was illustrated in The Studio
for November 1898, it was erroneously represented
as published by permission of Messrs. Steiner & Co.
The design is printed by, and is the production
and sole property of, Messrs. Newman, Smith and
Newman, of 42 to 45 Newgate Street, London.

The awards in these competitions are unavoid-
ably held over.

(A XXX.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Abbot (H. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road, Arbroath).
The Second Prize {Half-a-guinea) to Engineer

design for cretonne, the property of

messrs. newman, smith and newman

The great advance which is taking place in the
artistic production of " trade" catalogues is re-
markably exemplified in the one just received for
review from Messrs. Hampton & Sons of Pall
Mall East, London. The " three colour process,"
insufficiently exact though it be for the satisfactory
reproduction of fine artistic work, is eminently
suited to commercial requirements. The numerous
plates of tapestries, embroideries and porcelain
printed by this process which appear in Messrs.
Hampton & Sons' catalogue, are not only excellent
examples of this modern method of reproduction
but do credit to the enterprise of the firm re-

Two Designs for Posters.
The Prizes of Five guineas each
have been awarded to Joj (John Oswald Jones,
20 Oakley Crescent, Chelsea, S.W.) and Dot (L.
Crampton, Hammersmith House, Pembroke
Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
—Briton (John Hardy); Lilly White (Chas. J.
White); Pan (F. H. Ball) ■ and Register (A. W.
Pearce). hon. mention


hon. mention " dunelm "
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