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Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

A Htmdred Fables of AZsop. With pictures by
Percy J. Billinghurst. And an Introduction
by Kenneth Grahame. (London and New
York : John Lane.) Price 6s.—Mr. Billinghurst,
whose work is well known to readers of The
Studio, may be congratulated on the general
excellence of the numerous "pictures" in black-
and-white with which this volume is decorated.
His animals are not merely well drawn, but they
exhibit in pose and action their characteristic
traits. To represent an animal in right propor-
tions and form is one thing; to indue it with
appropriate "character" is another. It is to his
power of suggesting the latter that our appreciation
of Mr. Billinghurst's work is chiefly due.

Coleridge's Table-Talk. (London: Gay & Bird.)
—This elegant little pocket edition is the first of
a series entitled The Bibelots, edited by J. Potter
Briscoe. It is well printed, prettily bound in leather,
and the cover is impressed with an excellent design.
Altogether it is a most acceptable volume.

Scottish Woodwork of the Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth Centuries. Measured and drawn by John
William Small. (Stirling : Eneas Mackay. Lon-
don : Bernard Quaritch.) Price £2 10s.—Mr.
Small has done good service in bringing together
a series of drawings of excellent examples of wood-
work existing in the palaces and other old build-
ings of Scotland. His plates, with full-size details,
have been carefully drawn to scale and should
prove of value to workers in wood. Cabinets,
presses, tables, chairs, shutter-boards, doors, wall-
panelling, have received, among other objects, a
share of attention ; and the selection has in all
cases been made with judgment.

Monographs on Artists. No. 1. Raphael. By
H. Knackfuss. No. 2. Holbein. By H. Knack-
fuss. (Bielefeld and Leipzig : Velhagen & Klasing.
London : H. Grevel & Co.).—Popular, well-written
accounts of the works of great painters. The former
book contains 128 illustrations and the latter 151,
consisting of reproductions of sketches, woodcuts,
and paintings. Being tastefully bound, and low in
price, they should meet with liberal support from
the art-loving public.

Jahresmappe der Gesellschaft fur Vervielfalti-
gende Kunst in Wien. 1898 and 1899.—Some
interesting plates are included in these two annual
portfolios. In that for 1898 we find a charming
coloured etching,' Aus Lovrana, by W. Unger; a
characteristic coloured lithograph by Hans Thoma
entitled Friihling auf dem Gebirgssee; an algraph
by Cornelia Paczka, Mutter und Kind; a fine
Felslandschaft, etched by Rudolf Jettmar; Die

sieben Schwane, etched by Heinrich Vogeler; and
a coloured lithograph entitled Abend, by Hans von
Volkmann. In the part for 1899 the best things
are an etched landscape, Regenschauer, by Hermine
Laukota; a Portratstudie, by Emil Orlik; Damenbild-
nis, by Fritz Burger; and an etching by P. Halm.

The Prize {Twentypounds) is divided
between Guatamozin (Louis A. Sargent,
37 Mayton Street, Holloway, N.) and Gregory
(George Marples, 63 New King's Road, Fulham,

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Pipney (Charles H. Rogers); Hazel (William Parkin-
son) ; Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse); Cock of the North
(Edwin H. Jeffrey), and Janita (Ethel Elliott).

The Prize in this competition is withheld, the
designs not being of sufficient merit.


The First Prize (200 francs') {Eightpounds) is
awarded to Curlew (Lennox G. Bird, Royal Marine
Barracks, Chatham).

The Second Prize (100 francs) (Four pounds)
to Trefle (V. Bizouard, 350 Rue St. Jacques, Paris).

Additional Prizes of jo francs (Two pounds)
each have been awarded to Aberbrothock (H. T.
Wyse, Viewfield Road, Arbroath) and Icicle (W.
H. Walford, The Bungalow, Bletchingley).

Honourable mention is given to Camperdown
(Alex. Robertson, 17 North Church Street, Lochee,
Dundee), and Black Sheep (Charles E. Thompson,
24 Roxburgh Avenue, Aigburth Road, Liverpool);
these are purchased at one guinea each.


The First Prize (Three guineas) is awarded to
Speranza (Emily E. Jones, 66 Kingston Crescent,

The Second Prize (Two guineas) to Malvolio
(Olive Allen, 53 Newsham Drive, Liverpool).

The Third Prize (One guinea) to Chewed Cheek
(Marie P. Webb, 22 Adelaide Road, South Hamp-
stead, N.W.).

Honourable mention is given to Freedom (Ellen
Welby, 23 Grey Coat Gardens, Victoria Street,
S.W.). The latter is purchased.


The First Prize (Three guineas) is awarded to
Golden Crescent (Jean Mitchell, 21 Crescent Road,