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Victor Hugos Drawings

also by themselves
creating works compelling

We know, through
Goethe's "Conversa-
tions" that the poet on
many occasions was
near quitting poetry to
devote himself entirely
to painting; also, that he
had worked in that direc-
tion during his youth
and while on his Italian
travels; indeed, the house
in which the poet was
born at Frankfort, like his
residence at Weimar,
contains a pile of very
interesting drawings,

entrance gate lodge, messrs. grayson and ould, . .

thornton hough architects wherein, as in his poems,

Goethe the great classic,
shows himself full of
landlord. On the other hand, there has certainly a noble and lofty serenity.

been pleasure derived from a successful remodelling Hitherto we had not been so well provided with
and extension of Thornton Hough upon Eesthetic evidence as to "Victor Hugo's art leanings. At the
lines, and a satisfaction in knowing that the cost Universal Exhibitions one might have seen at times
has not all been pitched into the sea. a few drawings by the master ; several of these were

There is in an undertaking of this kind solid engraved in L'Artiste of 1841, and in La France
return for the outlay in the cumulative beneficial Litt'eraire of 1840; and one can recall certain
influence bearing upon succeeding generations of enthusiastic pages by Theophile Gautier, Baudelaire
tenants. This, prospectively viewed by the man and Philippe Burty, also occasional reproductions
who does not live entirely
for the present, appears as a
first-rate asset in social

H. Bi.oomfield Bare.


It is perhaps not without
interest to note how the two
strongest and most fertile
poets of the 19th century,
Goethe and Victor Hugo,
showed an unceasing in-
clination towards the fine
arts, not only by displaying
interest in the productions
of their predecessors and

, . . entrance gate lodge, thornton messrs. grayson and ould,

their contemporaries, but hough : end and back view architects
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