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A. P. Roll's Pastels

THE MODERN FRENCH grouping of men and women of all conditions, the

PASTELLISTS.__ALFRED °f making the State order for a commemoration,

PHILIPPE ROLL BY MA a slice of life—as the French have it—the power

DAME FRANCES KEYZER ^ of throwing himself into the station melancholy

or gay, whichever he may be called upon to

It is no easy matter to do justice to the work illustrate, extracting the very essence of it. They

of M. Alfred Philippe Roll in a short causerie, do not show his Centenary of 1789 (Versailles

but the attempt must be made, and if the sub- Museum), his 14th of July, his Joies de la Vie

ject outgrows the frame it will show that the (Paris Hotel de Ville), his Greve des Mineurs ; nor

frame must be extended at some future time. his Scenes from Peasant Life, his Manda Lamettrie,

As I think of the fermiere, at the Luxembourg; nor his horses, his

colossal work of the sea-pieces or portraits.

French painter, the g^. There are few celebrities of the day who have

picture of Alice in fUH not been painted by M. Roll. I have still a vivid

Wonderland comes be- recollection of his portrait of President Carnot, of

fore me with her neck Jules Simon, Alexandre Dumas fils, Yves Guyot,

outstretched beyond all Thaulow and his wife, Admiral Krantz, Jane

proportion to her body. -=»- Hading, Coquelin cadet, to mention but a few.

It is this sense of neck- laKm^^mKKk Of his sea-pieces 1 recall a Mer Fuiiebre, a fear-

stretching that obtrudes ful iron-grey sea that told of the dead beneath it,

itself, dealing with M. y • j and gave the impression of a monster waiting to

Roll as a pastellist. His /' consume; an angry, searching, scowling sea that

pastels are but an in- / killed. This work impressed me strongly as an

finitesimal part of the unusual mood of the painter of Les Joies de la Vie,

whole. They can give and seemed like the tearing away of a veil that hid

but a small idea of him tr0w^^elLVER the trourjled fight, the moments of discouragement,

as a composer, as a by Alexander fisher the despair that every artist experiences, no matter

harmonist. They do (Reproduced by kind fermis- how successful the world considers him.

, , sion of H.R.H. Princess _ , ■ . . ....

not touch the manage- Christian) I ranslatmg the sensation of painting into music

ment of masses, the (See article on Alex. Fisher) M. Roll appeals to me as Mendelssohn in his

happy, laughter - loving

^^^^^^^^M the undercur-

duced here we have a new
zj3*L '"^§& phase in the versatility of

j^l^H the painter, the nude in all

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^ brilliance, almost temp-

T^} pioneer of this movement

M*rfft]m~-. among the present

and air came as something
very refreshing and had a
great influence on the art

design for a chain for the by alexander fisher , , .

lady mayoress of cape town °' t0 ^ " w£ls 111 *

(See article on Alexander Fisher) measure owing to this

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