Studio: international art — 31.1904

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Studio- Talk

study for "sir galahad by lucien monod

shown. He provides a
very pleasant and spacious
sitting-room, and three
quite good bedrooms.
J-Square's plan, page 327,
is one of the examples of
the cottages that are all
but villas. It has on both
floors an undue amount
of passage. The reduction
to the minimum of means
of communication of this
kind is always evidence
of good planning, be the
building a town hall or
a cottage. His roof is
complicated, and the start
of the stairs against the
entrance door is a dis-
tinctly weak point.

(To be continued.)


(From otir Own Correspondents)

Royal Society of
Painters in Water-
Colours is cele-
brating its centenary this decorative panel by talbot hughes

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