Whittock, Nathaniel
The Art Of Drawing And Colouring From Nature, Flowers, Fruit, And Shells: To Which Is Added, Correct Directions For Preparing The Most Brilliant Colours For Painting On Velvet, With The Mode Of Using Them, Also The New Method Of Oriental Tinting ; With Plain And Coloured Drawings — London, 1829

Page: 55
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This beautisul subject will require to drawn with great care, com-
mencing, as in other objects, with the stalks, and observing the
petioles os the leaves.
The white currants must be drawn sirst, commencing at that nearest
the stalk; get them as nearly circular as possible, and let one hang
over the other, the dark speck at the centre pointing downwards; the
veins in the white currants are distinctly seen, they all ray from the
dark speck or snufs in the centre. The colour os this fr uit is so deli-
cate that every touch of the pencil will shew under it; the lines must
theresore be drawn clear and distinct at once.
I he red currants will likewise require to be correctly and spiritedly
drawn, as the bold touches with the pencil will give depth os shade to
the colour. Currants and all other fruit, with a glossy sursace, catch
the light very strongly, so that in the white currants it will be neces-
sary to leave the brightest light without any tint of colour. The
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