Whittock, Nathaniel
The Art Of Drawing And Colouring From Nature, Flowers, Fruit, And Shells: To Which Is Added, Correct Directions For Preparing The Most Brilliant Colours For Painting On Velvet, With The Mode Of Using Them, Also The New Method Of Oriental Tinting ; With Plain And Coloured Drawings — London, 1829

Page: 59
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Begin from the bottom os the calyx, and sosten off towards the
corollas. Let the blue be a saint wash os Prussian blue, the light and
shade being previously formed with the neutral tint. The leaves are
coloured with a warm tint os green, sormed with blue, yellow, and a
little burnt terre sienna. The fibres os the leaves, is not sussiciently
forcible with neutral tint, may be retouched with indigo and gamboge.

This will be sound a most pleasing subject, and will require to be
drawn with great care and spirit. To students who have copied the
preceding examples, it will present no dissiculty.
The ssower must be kept in strong light and shade, and at the same
time their distinctiveness and delicacy must be preserved: this may
be done by making a warm neutral tint. The ground os the flowers
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