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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Bibliotheca Palatina – digital:
A Virtual Reconstruction of the Former Crown Jewel of Germany's Libraries

One of the consequences of the Thirty Years' War was that the most important collection of books in the 17th century Holy Roman Empire, the Bibliotheca Palatina, was divided between two principal locations: Heidelberg and the Vatican. Since 2001, Heidelberg University Library has been working on several projects that aim to digitize parts of this great collection, the final goal being a complete virtual reconstruction of the 'mother of all libraries'.

Codices Palatini latini

Here you are able to access more than 2,000 Latin manuscripts. The originals are almost all kept in the Vatican.

Codices Vaticani ebraici

Here you are able to access 265 Hebrew manuscripts. The originals are all kept in the Vatican.

Geschichte der Bibliotheca Palatina

The origins of the Bibliotheca Palatina date back to the year 1386, and in the 17th century it was the most famous library in the world.

Codex Manesse

The Codex Manesse is the world's richest anthology of mediaeval German song. Luxurious miniatures of each of the poets lend it a splendour all of their own.