Barrows, Samuel J.
The isles and shrines of Greece — Boston, 1898

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The isles and shrines of Greece! Not all the
shrines, nor all the isles, but many of them, and these
the most beautiful and the most famous.

This book is a partial expression of gratitude for
rich opportunities enjoyed in Greece, where few per-
sons, I fancy, have had a more varied experience.
The great difficulty has been to compress within the
limits of one volume the mass of material at my
command. No place is described that I have not
seen, though I saw many places which there is no
room to describe. Nearly all of the illustrations
are reproductions from photographs from my own

In fulfilling a desire to enter Greece by the por-
tals of the Odyssey and to leave it through the
Trojan gates of the Iliad, my trip included the
Ionian Islands, the Peloponnesus, Phocis, Thessaly,
Attica, the ^Egean Islands and Troy. If Crete is
not included, it is because it lay out of my path,
not because I admit the Turkish claim to that
island, which by every consideration of history, Ian-
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