Blomfield, Reginald Theodore ; Thomas, Francis Inigo [Ill.]
The formal garden in England — London, 1892

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An Answer to Mr. W. Robinson's "Garden Design and
Architect's Gardens," Murray, 1892.

Since the publication of the first edition of
this book Mr. W. Robinson has issued what is
no doubt intended for a counterblast to the
views advanced in the Formal Garden and
the late J. D. Sedding's Garden Craft. Mr.
Robinson is annoyed that any one else, and
architects of all men, should presume to meddle
with garden design ; and after an aggressive
preface, in which he casts tu quoque at the
architect, he launches into a series of detached
paragraphs to prove that landscape gardening
is a very beautiful art, that he himself is an
eminent professor of it, and that architects
cannot possibly know anything about it at
all. His method is on the one hand to take
a number of passages without reference to the
context and sometimes incorrectly quoted, and
then to assert that such passages are obviously
loading ...