Blomfield, Reginald Theodore ; Thomas, Francis Inigo [Ill.]
The formal garden in England — London, 1892

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the formal garden Co7ltiniied

It has been usual in dealing with gardens to
include some account of the numerous Herbals
which were published in England in the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Strictly
speaking, these lie outside the scope of our sub-
ject ; the Herbals are little more than catalogues
raisonnees of the various fruits and flowers
grown in England at the time, with notes on

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their medicinal qualities, and instructions as to
the proper times and methods of planting.
This has nothing to do with garden design.
As, however, the distinction between garden
design, horticulture, and botany was never very
clearly made, we give the dates of the principal

Mr. Hazlitt gives a complete list of the
bibliography of gardening, but., as will appear
from the titles of the works there mentioned,
for the next fifty years after Lawson's book,
nearly all the treatises which are not Herbals
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