Blomfield, Reginald Theodore ; Thomas, Francis Inigo [Ill.]
The formal garden in England — London, 1892

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directing what he is to do monethly and what
flowers are in prime.

Book III

1. Of conserving, properating, retarding, multiplying,

transmuting, and altering the species. Formes and
substantial qualities of flowers.

2. Of chaplets, festoons, flower-pots, nosegaies, and posies.

3. Of the gardiner's elaboratory, and of distilling and

extracting of essences, resuscitation of plants, with
other rare experiments.

4. Of composing the Hortus Hyemalis and making books

of natural arid plants and flowers with other curious
wayes of preserving them in their naturall.

5. Of planting of flowers. Flowers enamell'd in silk-

work, and other artificial representation of them.

6. Of Hortulane entertainments, to show riches, beauty,

wonder, plenty, delight, and use of a garden
festival, etc.

7. Of the most famous gardens in the world, antient and


8. The description of a villa. The corollarie and con-

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