Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1910 (Heft 31)

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3A Special KODAK

A new camera having every refinement that can be put into a
pocket instrument, but no complications.
The 3A Special makes pictures 3¼x 5½ inches, using Kodak Film Cartridges. The optical
equipment consists of the famous Zeiss-Kodak Anastigmat Lens ( speed f.6.3 ) and the Com-
pound Shutter, which has an extreme speed of 1/200 of a second, working accurately on the
instantaneous action from that speed down to one second, and giving also “time” exposures.
With this equipment, speed pictures far beyond the ordinary range and snap shots on moderately
cloudy days are readily made.
And the camera itself is fully in keeping with its superb optical equipment. It has a rack and
pinion for focusing, rising and sliding front, brilliant reversible finder, spirit level, two tripod
sockets and focusing scale. The bellows is of soft black leather, and the camera is covered with
the finest Persian Morocco. A simple, serviceable instrument, built with the accuracy of a watch
and tested with painstaking care. A high-priced camera—but worth the price.
Kodak Catalogue free at the dealers or by mail.
EASTMAN KODAK CO., Rochester, N. Y., The Kodak City.

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