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There would hardly be an educated man who has
not heard the name of Buddha, but it is a great pity
that many people should know nothing more than
a few stories about the prince of Kapilvastu, who re-
nounced all his luxuries and comforts, all wealth and
dignity, and above all his loving parents, a beautiful
young wife, dearer to him than his own life, and an
angelic baby, to relieve the suffering humanity from
‘the claws of 'death’. There is hardly any Life of
Buddha, worth the name, in Hindi or Urdu literatures
and until some competent hand undertakes to write
the work in these languages, ‘The Life of Budiiha’
would be a sealed book to the purely Hindi or Urdu-
knowing people.
There are many works, some very voluminous
on Buddha and Buddhism in the English language,
but some English-knowing men, especially the stu-
dents, shiver at the sight of these books. A student
when once he feels that the weight of a book is more
than he can bear, consigns it to the shelf to stand
there for ever, and the little curiosity that he has dies
for want of nourishment. So, the very object of a
book is lost in many cases, and it is for such men
alone that this booklet is intended. How far £ have
succeeded in this object—it is your part to judge. It