Evans, Arthur J.
Scripta minoa: the written documents of minoan Crete with special reference to the archives of Knossos (Band 2): The archives of Knossos: clay tablets inscribed in linear script B — Oxford, 1952

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The tablets were numbered by Sir Arthur Evans (a) in general accordance with their find-spots
(1-1063);1 (b) thereafter classified under subsidiary sign-groups (1060-1383); (c) under principal
groups in B-signary order (1384-1512); (d) without apparent order (1513-68). Supplementary lists
have been appended (1569-1640: M 1-28; 126-38) of tablets omitted from Evans's numeration, but
otherwise recorded: and of seal-impressions (1701-10). These numbers are retained for the transcripts
and on the collotype plates.

For easier reference, however, this Inventory has been supplied by Dr. Alice Kober, classified ac-
cording to the matter with which each tablet deals, as indicated by its leading ideogram or'commodity'-
sign, in the following main categories:

Primary Groups

A. Inscriptions with the 'man' sign (B 75).

B. ,, ,, ,, 'woman' sign (B 76).

C. „ „ „ 'sitting figure'sign (B 74).

D. 'Livestock' tablets exclusive of 'cattle' tablets (E, F, G, H).

E. F, G, H. 'Cattle' tablets (B 91: further subdivided below).
I. 'Tree'tablets.

J. 'Cereal' tablets (B 89 a, b, c).

K. Other 'commodity' tablets (B 88); 'Saffron' Kd.

L. 'House' (or 'granary' or 'container' tablets) (B 94 a-/).

M. 'Vase' tablets (B 80 and pictorial vessels).

N. 'Chariot' tablets and related subjects (B 117-20, 122: and pictorial signs).

O. 'Adzes', ingots, arrows, swords, and smaller groups.

P, Q. Provisionally blank.

R. 'Containers', 'banner signs', &c. (B 94, 94*?).

S. 'Value' signs (B 51, 60) and others.

T. Tablets with phonetic signs followed by numerals.

U. Tablets with sign-groups followed by numerals.

V. Tablets without ideograms, but sign-groups in compartments.

W. Provisionally blank.

X. Unclassifiable.

Z. Seal-impressions and endorsements.


In Group E and other groups where the tablets are very numerous, and many small distinctions
must be recorded, the arrangement of the sign-groups (hereinafter 'words') and of ideograms on each
tablet is indicated as follows.

1 It is not certain at what point that collection ends, to which the rubric 'Area south of the Bay of Seal-impressions' applies: it may refer to
most or all of the remainder (1060-1568).
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